Syren de Mer
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Syren de Mer Syren de Mer Syren de Mer Syren de Mer Syren de Mer

Syren de Mer’s name is French for siren of the sea. She must have picked this name because she is incredibly beautiful and she would certainly cause any guy’s ship to sink if they saw her basking on some rock in the middle of the ocean all of a sudden! Syren is a hot MILF who was a real life swinger before she started doing porn. She was already 37 years old and had a lot of life experiences. She used to host her own gangbangs with her hubby, who is supportive of all her slutty endeavors, in addition to attending swinger’s parties in Washington State where she is from. She had always done some mainstream modeling, so when a porn agent contacted her she figured why not put her two hobbies together and do porn! It all worked out really well for her. Since then she has become one of the top MILFs in the industry probably because she is so hungry for cock that she never says no to one that is in front of her. Syren is a natural submissive and you can tell that from any of her scenes here on KINK. She loves to be used for pleasure by any dominant whether it is a guy or girl. She doesn’t shy away from orgies or the kinkiest of activities. In fact, the freakier the better for this siren. Syren has an amazing body but she claims that she doesn’t do anything to keep it that way. She says she eats junk food all the time and the only exercise that she does is fucking on camera, but it somehow works for her. You will see that anytime you see her sexy 34D-26-37 body getting down on film. See her doing her thing in any of her amazing sub scenes here on KINK! ...read more

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