Lorelei Lee
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Lorelei Lee Lorelei Lee Lorelei Lee Lorelei Lee Lorelei Lee

Lorelei Lee is one of the top dommes here at KINK, having directed her own channels and porn sites for years. She is usually the one on top but lately she has been exploring her submissive side. She likes to get tied up and used by her professional friends here at KINK, which is how she discovered her love of BDSM many years ago. Whether she is on the top or on the bottom it is clear that Lorelei is a blonde goddess who deserves all the attention and adoration that her fans and friends give to her. Ms. Lee is an intellectual and intelligent woman who has been interviewed a lot for her views on certain issues affecting pornstars and kinksters. She is part of a team of pornstars who work very hard on industry issues, and she is a big advocate for pornstar rights. In fact she has even gone to the California state capital to work on these issues with lawmakers to explain to them how pornstars know their rights! Even though you might peg Lorelei for a blonde bimbo, most of her interviews online see her talking about the power structures of society, gender politics and other highbrow issues. One other thing that makes Lorelei an interesting character is that she absolutely loves the country singer Dolly Parton. She thinks that Dolly is a smart slut who might have been a drag queen or a pornstar in another life if she had the chance! So, while you might see Lorelei getting fucked while helpless in bondage or tormenting cocks until they beg to jizz, she is a girl with many layers and a brain that works double time to work on issues affecting her colleagues. Like many pornstars, she has a rich life that accompanies her work, and makes her super interesting. Any cursory search of her around the web proves it to be true. ...read more

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