Xander Corvus
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Xander Corvus Xander Corvus Xander Corvus Xander Corvus Xander Corvus

Xander Corvus is one of the top male pornstars of our day. His cock is so prolific you have probably seen it hundreds of times if you’re a porn fan. He stands 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs about 145 pounds. Xander originally came from Ohio and got into a porn on a dare from a friend. A friend bet him that he wouldn’t do it, so he had to prove his friend wrong. It turns out that he was so perfect for it he stuck around doing it and rose to the cream of the crop. Xander says that after being in porn for so many years his sexual fantasies have just gotten even more weird as he has had the chance to explore so many of his interests like bondage sex, anal excursions and more. At this point he prefers Japanese porn for his own watching pleasure because that’s the stuff that often has creative things he hasn’t seen in all his time in the biz. At this point, Xander is one of our go to cocks for Sex and Submission, and many of our other sites. His 9 inch dick is perfect for stretching the assholes of our willing submissives, and his attitude towards the ladies makes him a joy to work with on set. In his spare time, Xander likes to play video games and he can also open a bottle with a CD! Those are his special tricks that he tries to work on when it is a rare day that he is not shooting porn. He doesn't get to take many days off because he is one of the most reliable guys to work with and is booked constantly. We love him not only because his cock is amazing but because his attitude on set is always top notch and the girls can’t stop fawning over him once the day is done! ...read more

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