Christian Wilde
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Christian Wilde Christian Wilde Christian Wilde Christian Wilde Christian Wilde

Christian Wilde is a pansexual guy who doesn’t try to hide that he is simply a sexy freak, he just wants to fuck everything that comes his way. He is the kind of guy who started doing porn when he was 18 years old, which is even more rare for dudes than it is for chicks. He just knew that his calling was to dominate everyone - and fuck their holes too! As for the types of people he likes in real life, he’s mentioned that he simply enjoys anyone who has confidence, but remains humble, and who truly enjoys sex. At first doing porn was just about the money but now he is very grateful for it because he feels like it allows him to express himself to the fullest. It has become more than just a paycheck but a way of life and a form of art for this now experienced dominant. Besides porn, this guy with an amazing 8 inch dick loves to hang out and drink iced coffee. He also enjoys motorcycles and loves to go for rides with hiswife Bella Wilde who is also into riding. While you can often see Christian wearing leather or rubber in his scenes, he actually says his favorite kind of fetish material is kinky latex. He loves the smooth feeling of the material and how much it clings to the body and makes for a great sex starter. The other pornstars that he loves include Lance Hart and Wolf Hudson. Like him they are the types of guys who will do just about anything and make a hot scene no matter who it is with. Whether you are gay, straight, or somewhere else on the spectrum, you can definitely appreciate Christian’s passion for fucking! ...read more

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