Owen Gray
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Owen Gray Owen Gray Owen Gray Owen Gray Owen Gray

Owen Gray is a male pornstar who is probably one of the best known tops around. He has some very distinctive tattoos including a blackout sleeve on his upper arm. Owen also has characteristic gauged ears. He also has a large Y shaped scar on his chest which is a cosmetic choice, not from any procedure for medical purposes. He is a lean 6 feet tall and weighs about 149 pounds. He started shooting porn in 2011. In his personal life Owen reports that he sleeps with all kinds of people besides women. He loves to fuck everone, but in porn he has mostly been with women. He tends to describe his sexuality as fluid. He first got into kinky play when he visited a pro domme. He loved the fact that the pain from BDSM can bring you to a new state of consciousness and that is even how he got interested in body modification too. Through performing he has been able to achieve many of his personal fantasies like participating in a gangbang and having sex in public. Owen appreciates the fact that he is different both in look and feel than a lot of other guys in the industry. He says this allows him to be more than just a stunt cock that can fill in for gangbangs, but an actual character that people who love BDSM porn have gotten to know and love. Outside of porn Owen loves to make costumes and he actually went to cosmetology school so he knows how to do hair pretty well. Perhaps that is why he likes to wear his hair long, which allows him to play with different styles on camera. Overall, porn has been his absolute favorite job and he is glad to have the experience. ...read more

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