Stefani Special
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Stefani Special Stefani Special Stefani Special Stefani Special Stefani Special

Stefani Special is a beautiful transgender pornstar and describes herself as pansexual, meaning she loves to fuck everyone regardless of their gender identity. Stefani is a beautiful woman who has a look on her face like she might pounce on you and eat you up, or she may change course at the last minute and decide to curl up next to your cock and purr in contentment. Before porn, Stefani was mostly working dead end jobs that left her feeling unfulfilled. Fast food, customer service, sales and even construction. You name it, she’s done it! She started out by webcamming because she wanted something else out of life and she loved sex. Then she started shooting porn and has never looked back. As her porn career has blossomed she has risen up the ranks and has found herself here at KINK, performing in fetish porn fucking men and woman. So, she canbe seen on TS Pussy Hunters and TS Seduction. Stefani is 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs about 129 pounds. As a transwoman, it is almost a requisite that Stefani is also an activist. She always has to fight for herself and what she thinks is right. She is working towards having the transgender community be more accepted in the porn industry, and trying to make it so that transgender women aren’t just a porn niche, but perform in any type of porn, including kinky BDSM videos. She also is working towards having less “Slur” words being used to describe transwomen like offensive terms such as "tranny" and "she-male". Whether she is advocating for her community or fucking on film, Stefani's intense passion is always evident. ...read more

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